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Gewalt gegen Frauen
Häusliche Gewalt



Kinder als Mitbetroffene
von häuslicher Gewalt

Über uns



Hilfe im Notfall
Acil durumda yardım
Secours en cas d’urgence

In case of emergency
Помощь в экстренном

This is where you can find support in case of domestic violence:

Refuge for battered women, Reutlingen:
Getting in touch by telephone: 07121 - 300 778

When you have to escape from physical attacks or psychic damages and
don’t feel safe in your residence any more you can find protected, provisional
housing, shelter and support for your children and yourself in the refuge for battered women.
See also FRAUENHAUS (women’s shelter)

Advice centre for women, Reutlingen:

Getting in touch by telephone: 07121 - 300 778

Counselling by the female staffers of the advice centre will be extensive, confidential and free. They will help you to settle your situation and decide
on further steps to be taken in order to terminate violence.
See also BERATUNGSSTELLE (women’s counselling centre)

Das Platzverweisverfahren (Obligation for the violent partner to
keep away from accommodation)

In case of immediate violence from your partner :
Call the police! Emergency Number 110. The police can evict the abuser
from the living quarters for several days and may forbid his return.
In cases of corresponding danger, they may also take the man into custody.

Legal Proceedings, Lawyers (male and female) and
District Courts of Civil Laws

After violent encroachments by your partner you should seek for legal
assistance by a lawyer or the application office of the district court. They
will help you to apply for protection orders according to the Protection
against Violence Act.

The court can 

Counselling Centre for Male Violence
For violent men PfunzKerle e.V. in Tübingen offer individual advice and
group training.
Phone service hours: every Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm,
Phone 07071 - 360 989